Pineapple with elastics.



Mandated to create the cover of a music album of my choice through a shot of an object. The project must be inspired by a specific music and transcribe its values. I decided to do the project for the album "Floating There" by concorde and I choose the track "Sons". This music is about the physical complex of a young teenager who had changed for the worse. She was insecure about her weight, despite the boy not caring, and vowed to become skinnier and more attractive. In love with a boy in his high school, she is horrified at the idea of kissing him at his party, because she doesn’t accept her curves and thinks that he will flee her. She doesn’t feel like the other girls, and want to be another person. Later she become greedy and arrogant, transformed she could finally confront him and was turned down. At the meeting he didn’t recognize her and this time the guy run away. Then she realizes just what she’s become by looking at her past self, but it’s too late for her. He’s already gone.
I choose a pineapple to represent the girl. Demonstrate her transformation by compressing the pineapple with elastics to modify his shape. I want to demonstrate by this the non-acceptance of her self. Her personality that she destructed changing into this greedy and superficial women.

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Packging of the fake album of Concorde Floating there.
Packging of the XXe menu of november 2017